Now #2: February 23, 2021

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I’ve been working on remaining more consistent with my content creation the last couple months. In the past I’d spend a long time creating music and videos with extreme attention to detail, and then my energy would run out and I’d disappear for an extended period of time.

I’ve realised not many people are going to stick around and support my music if I disappear for months at a time, especially during these initial stages of my career.

I’ve also realised people value quantity of content, over quality—within reason. By this I don’t mean sacrificing the musical quality of my craft, it’s more in the realm of video and social media. Essentially, I’m not going as crazy as I used to go editing videos and designing posts.

I don’t have the resources or the time to let my perfectionism get in the way of my work anymore, so this has also proven to be a great exercise in growing past that perfectionist attitude.

That’s why I’ve been releasing way more content related to my latest single been waiting so long.

So far I’ve done a production breakdown video:

And an acoustic version of the track:

I’m using an app to schedule most of my Instagram and Facebook posts ahead of time. This way I can spend a couple days at the beginning of the month creating a ton of posts for each platform, and then they auto-publish over time. That liberates my mind to work on music and content, and not worry about having to think of something to post and write every couple days. It’s helped me a lot!

Other than that, I’ve also started releasing covers on my YouTube channel. I’d never done this before because I didn’t want to become the “cover guy”. That was obviously a limiting belief of mine, as any means of exposure will help me grow at this point. It’s already hard enough to get noticed, so there’s no need to be a purist and get in your own way. Plus, as long as I keep posting my own material and sprinkle in the odd cover here and there, I won’t run the risk of becoming the feared “cover guy”. As long as I remain consistent in creating my own music—even if it gets less views and streams than the covers—I’ll be fine.

Check out my first cover, drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo.

That’s all from me for now. I’m gonna go work on Old Man by Neil Young for a while, my next cover!

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