#pinkfridays vol. I

#pinkfridays is a concept I came up with in 2019 as a way to release new music without the full commitment of an EP or LP.

I wanted to keep putting music out but I didn’t like the idea of releasing random singles that live alone out there in the streaming ether.

So I decided to collect the singles in playlists that I call #pinkfridays volumes. My own mini-projects, if you will.

When I’m in between bigger projects, #pinkfridays provides me with a great way to explore ideas and stories, and blend all the genres I like to make music in.

The only rule is songs come out on Fridays 🔔 And pink… Well, I just like pink, okay?

The #pinkfridays Format

  • Project Format: playlist
  • Number of Tracks: 7
  • Total Runtime: 22 minutes 53 seconds
  • Start Date: 01/02/2019
  • End Date: 17/05/2019

Coming off Hyperpop 1.0, my initial plan was to create Hyperpop 2.0. Seems pretty straightforward and logical, right?

The problem is that as I started to put together some demos and song ideas for the project, I just couldn’t picture them as an EP. The songs felt too different from one another, and it didn’t feel right to lump them together just because.

In my view there has to be some cohesiveness in bigger projects like EPs and LPs. At least those are my favourites ones. I’m not a big fan of projects that just get put together because it’s “time for a new project to drop”.

At around the same time I also came across this Russ interview where he talked about releasing singles every week for a year instead of dropping an album. He’s talked about this at length on several occasions, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Basically, he’d released 10 albums in a row the previous years, but to very little success. So he decided to switch it up and release the material he had ready for the next album, but single by single, a new track dropping every week. He’d realised people would always listen to the first couple tracks in his albums, but then drop off. So, accommodating the short attention span of audiences for underground artists, he came up with his masterplan.

That inspired me to consider something different from the EP format. It got me thinking about how I could adapt his blueprint of weekly releases to my own project, in a way that made sense for me.

I wanted to be able to package the songs together once I was done releasing them one by one, but not in any sort of traditional format like an album or an EP. I played around with some ideas and I finally decided on the playlist format. It felt loose and relevant at the same time, which was perfect for the mixed bag of songs I was creating.

Production & Exploring New Sounds

My first EP was a step in a new direction from what I’d been doing as a singer-songwriter the previous couple years, but it still stayed inside the boundaries of a traditionally produced EP. I wrote the songs on acoustic guitar, put a few demos together in Ableton, recorded real drums at a real studio, etc.

It marked my first adventure into self-production, but I was still only halfway there.

For #pinkfridays vol. I I really stepped out of my comfort zone and explored everything I wanted. The freedom of releasing the songs individually and not having to adhere to the cohesiveness of an EP lifted a weight off me. It allowed me to mix genres and blend the different styles of music I love.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I set out to write one pop song, one folk song, one electronic song, and so on. I just did little experiments and followed whatever came out of them. I simply played, and had fun.

This introduced me to new forms of writing. Most of the songs didn’t start as acoustic and vocals. Most of them actually started off as beat ideas and developed into songs afterwards.

I also tried a lot of new stuff production-wise. There’s a ton of synths, strings, messed up loops, drum samples, layers and layers of vocals… Coming from playing in a band and as a solo singer songwriter, all this expansion felt incredible to me. You mean I don’t need a lead guitar? There’s no intro? I can do it all from my bedroom?


guru boy artwork
guru boy
lone wolf carousel artwork
lone wolf carousel
cheer up! artwork
cheer up!
yellow raincoat artwork
yellow raincoat
when we were seventeen artwork
when we were seventeen
you're a little weird artwork
you’re a little weird
not a psycho artwork
not a psycho