#pinkfridays vol. II

#pinkfridays is a concept I came up with in 2019 as a way to release new music without the full commitment of an EP or LP.

I wanted to keep putting music out but I didn’t like the idea of releasing random singles that live alone out there in the streaming ether.

So I decided to collect the singles in playlists that I call #pinkfridays volumes. My own mini-projects, if you will.

When I’m in between bigger projects, #pinkfridays provides me with a great way to explore ideas and stories, and blend all the genres I like to make music in.

The only rule is songs come out on Fridays 🔔 And pink… Well, I just like pink, okay?

  • Project Format: playlist
  • Number of Tracks: 3
  • Total Runtime: 9 minutes 40 seconds
  • Start Date: 16/10/2020
  • End Date: Ongoing

This is the project I’m actively working on right now.

I’m releasing a new song every 3 months. Usually on the last Friday of the month.

The next single i’ve been there will come out in October.



In my previous projects I’d done my own designs for the cover artwork, but this time my buddy Adrián Viñas is taking care of it.

Playing in the Donostia Jazzaldia in 2016 with Adri

Adri and me soundchecking at the Jazzaldia in 2016

I’ll admit I have a tendency to try to control everything in my projects, so the idea of letting go of the design was a little daunting at first.

But hey! It turns out what he’s doing amazing work and I’m loving with the visual identity the project as a whole is taking on.

Duh! Adri does this stuff for a living 🔨

Continuing The guru boy Saga

The return of #pinkfridays also marks the return of The guru boy Saga.

I released part two of the story as the second single in this #pinkfridays volume. This opens up a whole new timeline in the saga with the introduction of the “yellow boy” character and a new plotline set decades after part one takes place.

I’ll leave you to jump into whatever song you want to explore now!

As always, you decide how deep you go 🐇

been waiting so long cover artwork
been waiting so long
guru boy pt. II cover artwork
guru boy pt. II
if i'm honest cover artwork
if i’m honest